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Want to join PTO Fitness at the USPTO Main Campus?

Joining and receiving all the benefits of a PTO Fitness (FAPTO) membership is easy! Just follow these few short steps:

  1. Complete and submit the New Member Packet
    • Download the packet
    • Bring the printed form to the front desk with your membership dues
  2. Become familiar with the Rules and Regulations of the Fitness Center
    • Understand how to properly use the equipment and facilities
    • Use proper etiquette so all members can enjoy the benefits equally
    • Activate your PTOFitRewards account
  3. Fill out the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) in the membership packet
    • The questionnaire helps find a trainer and develop a fitness routine appropriate to your needs
    • Bring it to the front desk to schedule an appointment with a Certified Personal Trainer
    • Begin your path to a healthier you!

Want to use The Energy Club in Shirlington?

All Members of the Fitness Association of the PTO can now sign up to use The Energy Club!

The Energy Club has fun classes including Tabata, Zumba®, and Yoga, nationally certified personal trainers, a 30-foot rock climbing wall, men’s and women’s saunas, a great atmosphere, and much more.

The cost is an additional $9 a month for access to The Energy Club from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and all business hours Saturday and Sunday.

Are you a contractor at the USPTO and want to join PTO Fitness?

Each FAPTO member that is a USPTO employee is allowed to sponsor one person.  Contractors at the USPTO usually ask a fellow USPTO co-worker that is currently a FAPTO member to sponsor them.

Anyone that is sponsored must pay in full up front. The current cost is $342.92 (includes the non-refundable $35 initiation fee) for the first year and $307.92 each additional year.  It is the same amount that PTO employees pay; however, contractors have to pay up front, since they can’t do payroll deduction.  We take check or money order only (payable to FAPTO).  If a sponsored member or pay-in-full member decides to cancel, they will get a prorated refund less the $35 initiation fee and less 10% of the remaining balance.  For more information, please visit the PTO Fitness front desk.

Do you need to cancel your membership?

The cancellation of a membership with PTO Fitness Center requires that a member fill out and sign the cancellation form. If a member is unable to fill out and sign the cancellation form in-person due to a relocation, they may obtain the form here. All completed forms may be submitted to Bill Hall at