Election Announcement

9-24-20 4:00 PM

Election Complete – FAPTO Welcomes New Board Members

Dear FAPTO Members,     

The election process has ended, and I’d like to welcome our new and returning FAPTO Board Directors: Charles Jiang (reelected) and Larry Lee (new Director). As we have three positions available and two properly nominated members, they are elected by default, thus preempting ballot voting. I look forward to working with them and the rest of the Board thru the next fiscal year to help guide the Fitness Association through the numerous issues associated with the campus closing and phased reopening. The FAPTO Board may look into filling the third position via a Board selection, so please be on the lookout for such notice, should you have an interest in serving on the FAPTO Board of Directors.     Finally, I’d like to take a moment to thank our two departing Board Members – Jeffrey Smith & Aaron Footman – for their years of outstanding efforts in serving the Board! Their efforts of helping the Fitness Association through numerous projects are greatly appreciated.     I thank you for your continued membership and interest in the well-being of the Fitness Association.


Kevin Bechtel, FAPTO Secretary